For Academic Institution

Although biological research and education institutions represents traditional and interdisciplinary fields of biology, the department’s growth and development in recent years also reflects the revolution occurring in biology that benefits from new genome-wide approaches, powerful new molecular and cellular technologies, and cross-fertilization of discoveries in modern biology and other science and engineering disciplines.

We are proud to support your institution in the field of personalized and precision medicine to:

  • establish a new educational program
  • manage advanced research projects
  • establish laboratories equipped with modern technologies
  • manage international collaborations
  • organize a professional theoretical or practical courses or international congress

For Students

You are students at MSc, PhD or post-doc fellows and are interested to:

  • extend your knowledge in the field of advanced molecular and cellular medicine in form of training courses
  • be supervised during your thesis
  • work practically in the field of precision medicine or cell therapy
  • start a joint research project


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