International Center for Personalized Medicine

Management of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Processes Based of Individual Characteristics on International level.
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It is the precise diagnosis that determines the most effective treatment. Treatment must be specifically tailored to the specific type of disease as well as to the individual patient.


In recent years, dramatic advances in molecular biology, genomics, and related technologies have resulted in greater understanding of the mechanisms of disease at the molecular level.


Establish a new educational program, Manage advanced research projects, Establish laboratories equipped with modern technologies, Manage international collaborations, Organize a professional theoretical or practical courses or international congress

Our Vision

To develop the scientific and clinical basis necessary for realization of the concepts of Predictive and Personalized Medicine by using the modern diagnostic technologies and personalized therapy

Our Mission

Classification of diseases based on their molecular profiling rather than morphological and pathological characteristics to predict the response to treatment, and to enable the design of personalized therapies

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